Museums and Heritage

Mankon Museum presents cultural and artistic production of the Kingdom of Mankon of the high plateaux of Western Cameroon or the Grassland. This production, which represents an essential part of the cultural and artistic heritage of Mankon, plays a fundamental role in the cultural continuity of the society.

The Ring Road: This circle road runs along the Northwest Highlands, also called “Grassfields”, with bright green and yellow valleys, sharp mountains, dense forests, tall grass, small villages and some white waterfalls. Culturally you will find along this road, one of the greatest concentrations of traditional chiefdoms in Cameroon. Maybe you will be even one of the lucky persons who can meet a chief in his stunning palace.

The Bali Fon Palace is the spiritual Center of cultural activity and the highest manifestation of ancestral worship. The Fon (the equivalent of a king) is the ruler of the palace and the palace is the highest household in the land. (Land governed is known as the Fondom). The Bali Palace also functions has a museum, which is open to the public, the palace was constructed out of burnt bricks. The main palace building is home to reception and residential areas. Outlying buildings are said to speak well of the relationship between the German rulers and the Bali Nyonga. Sources consulted describe neatly outlined buildings. The palace is home to relics of the Bali culture, some of which are still on display. The palace is home to Bali’s annual festival, the Lela. This festival is held in mid-December and is described as a grand display of the Bali cultural Heritage.