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At 3,011 m, Mount Oku is the second highest mountain in West Africa, after Mount Cameroon. The site, also known as Kilum–Ijim, is a proposed Community Forest Reserve. The enclosed area of 20,000 ha, about half of which is montane forest, is now the only extensive area of forest left anywhere in the Bamenda Highlands. Mount Oku is home to several frogs endemic to the Cameroon highlands, including at least three that are not found in any other region in Cameroon.

Menchum Falls is a beautiful tourist destination and has the ability to stream to all countries in the region of West Africa to produce. Menchum falls, about 20km south of Wum and 30 km north of Bafut, are impressive and a potential tourist attraction. However, the access road is very rough, and the observation site is not well maintained. The fertile volcanic soil of the highlands have attracted farmers and ranchers, and the resulting clearings make the area vulnerable to soil erosion. again.

Kimbi Game Reserve was created in 1964 according to the West Cameroon Gazette No 30. It is located in Boyo Division in Bum Sub Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. The reserve is host to some tree, bird and animal species. No actual census has been carried out since the creation of the reserve; hence the need for management plans.